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Cluso InvMan Overview 2020Cluso InvMan Brochure

The InvMan systems are Fully Wireless, portable SMT Reel Storage Solutions. This overview includes both the InvMan S1 and S2 series which are flexible systems for managing components from goods received to delievered product.

Riverside testimonialCluso InvMan Customer Testimonial – Riverside

“We originally saw the Cluso system at APEX 2019 and immediately recognized the benefits of its flexibility, not only for allowing so many multiple users to simultaneously access the system, but also for its dynamic storage capacity to store any size and width of SMT component reels in any location at any time. After installing many multiple trolleys in our facility, and operating them over the past year, we can definitely state that it was the right choice for us.”

Cluso InvMan Customer Testimonial – REI

“The Cluso system makes it much easier for our pick-and-place technicians to put together a kit of reels, tubes, and trays – no more hunting for the right reel from a bin full of reels, or struggling to find a reel that was stored out of sequence.”

Cluso IntegrationsCluso InvMan Integrations White Paper

It does not matter which ERP or MRP platform you are using or which machine equipment and software. The attached one page white paper details the simple and easy steps that would be performed to get the proper data into Cluso for full operation.