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Our company was founded on January 4th, 1960, and subsequently incorporated in the state of Michigan as the Murray A. Percival Company. Shortly thereafter, Murray was approached by the Electrovert Corporation, a company we still represent today, to sell their printed circuit board wave soldering equipment. At that time, the use of PCBs was still relatively rare, and the foresight to enter this business was not without risk: the industry had yet to emerge. Today of course, circuit boards are crucial components of our everyday life, used in automobiles, medical equipment, military equipment, avionics, communications, computers, appliances and entertainment products. Electronics are ubiquitous, increasingly mobile and growing every day.

59 years ago, Murray was a pioneer servicing an emerging industry, one that has become a key component in the worldwide market of today’s manufactured goods. The Murray Percival Company is now a leading supplier to the Midwest’s electronics industry and offers literally thousands of products and process improvements.

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Our Philosophy

The Murray Percival Company was built on Murray Sr’s strong foundation of honesty, integrity, loyalty and just plain doing what’s right. His goal in business was not only to provide for his family, but to be a provider to his employees and their families as well. He often said that their families were his families and it was important to him that they were given a chance to grow along with the company. Growth not just measured financially but morally and spiritually as well.

The company is today managed by Murray’s three children, Murray Jr., Mark and Pam. And now representing a third generation are Murray III, Mark Jr and Matt. The philosophy is significant: family-owned businesses represent 64% of the US GDP and 78% of new job creation. Today, as a third-generation family-owned business, the company has evolved from hardware provider to Process Enabler, delivering to our customers and utilizing ourselves the most modern tools and processes.

Anyone can offer products, but few provide measurable results that positively affect their customers’ bottom line. We strive to carry on that philosophy, taking care of our family, our employees and their families and our ever-growing family of satisfied customers. The same philosophy that built our company in 1960 is still present today.

Everything we do is designed to help our customers deliver products that make our world safer, healthier, and more enjoyable. We make a difference by living our core values.

Here’s how:

  • We are rooted in loyalty
  • We are driven to believe.
  • We are connected through hardwork.

How do we provide great value?

  • Our supplier base is extensive. It’s a great resource to help solve your problems.
  • By adding even more value to this resource with decades of experience.
  • By continually training our people, so they can help you faster.
  • Interacting as a team all day long. There’s no better knowledge bank when you need answers fast.
  • Invest in technology to make our work efficient and our solutions effective.
  • By supplying both materials and equipment to support your business growth and needs.
  • Bending over backwards because we get great satisfaction by helping people.

When you choose Murray Percival Co, you benefit from a convenient and efficient resource for thousands of MRO products and equipment at the very best prices; a proven technical sales force to answer your questions and offer solutions; and most importantly, a partner with over 59 years of experience to save you time, reduce your costs and improve your processes.

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