Murray Percival articles and white papers

PCB Cleaning

Circuit Board Cleaning

Circuit Board Cleaning Process and Materials

The purpose of cleaning circuit boards is to essentially improve product lifetime by ensuring good surface resistance and by preventing current leakage leading to PCB failure. Choosing the right circuit board cleaning material and process is important.

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Solvent cleaning

Microcare Case Study – Saving Solvent

Microcare Clean better, faster and use less solvent This case study shows how a circuit board repair facility transitioned from a traditional arousal spray flux to the microcare system and saved money

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Flux removers and Contact cleaner from Microcare

New Benchtop Flux Removers from MicroCare

All three of these products use unique and innovative chemical formulations not previously on the market to help companies lower their PCB cleaning costs, improve product quality and meet ever-more stringent regulatory obligations.

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Water based cleaning versus solvent cleaning

Water Based Cleaners versus Solvent Chemistries

The Difference between Water Base Cleaners and Solvent Cleaners.
Since water-based cleaners work so differently than solvents, it can lead to the perception of poor performance. This white paper breaks down the advantages and disadvantages, courtesy of Techspray.

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