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KYZEN – Overview

KYZEN offers solutions for the entire electronics manufacturing industry. Solutions range from PCB cleaning, reflow oven cleaning, wave solder cleaning to stencil cleaning and general maintenance

KYZEN – Electronic Assembly Misprint Cleaning Advancements

Assemblers surveyed report that cleaning misprinted circuit assemblies is a production gap that has not been adequately addressed. One of the benefits of cleaning misprinted assemblies with the stencil cleaning process is the ability to collect and filter wet solder paste. The major short coming of cleaning misprints within stencil cleaning processes is the inability to remove B-side reflow flux residues from both the surface and under bottom termination components.

KYZEN Alternatives to IPAKYZEN – Alternatives to Isopropyl Alcohol

Across the world, there are still many companies using Isopropyl alcohol (IPA) for cleaning applications. In addition to the safety concerns, IPA is not always the cheapest solution for cleaning. As companies look for a safer solution, alternative solvents and water based products are replacing IPA.

KYZEN A4382KYZEN – Aquanox A4382 Case Study

AQUANOX A4382 Inline Process Stability Cleaning Case Study.