Murray Percival articles and white papers

Eubanks wire marking systems catalogWire Marking

Eubanks wire marking machines mark wire clearly and permanently through the use of marking foil and heated marking discs. By providing positive, easy-to-read wire identification, these machines permit the exclusive use of white wire or wire of a single, solid color.

Eubanks Model 2700 spec sheetModel 2700-05 Spec Sheet

Spec sheet for Eubanks Model 2700-05 high speed precision pneumatic stripper.

Eubanks AirLIneEubanks Pneumatic Wire Strippers

An overview of the Eubanks pneumatic AirLIne of high-powered wire strippers.

Eubanks auto wire stripping systems catalogAuto Wire Strip

The Eubanks Auto Strip series of wire cutters and strippers consists of three machine models—the 8000, 7400 and 4900.

Eubanks wire cutting and stripping systems accessories catalogAccessories

Eubanks accessories are all perfectly matched to your Eubanks equipment and designed to boost throughput and productivity for years to come.