Murray Percival articles and white papers

Screen Printers

Today’s Speedline MPM printers are engineered and built to the highest standards. They are built on a solid foundation of proven technology and incorporate the most successful ideas and systems from prior MPM printer models. From new print head technology to vision system development, today’s leading Momentum family of printers are ready to meet the most exacting manufacturing challenges.

Wave Soldering

In the wave soldering industry, Electrovert® holds the industry reputation for having the most innovative technologies, best performance, highest reliability, and as being the best investment over a long product life cycle. Electrovert’s® Electra™, VectraElite™, and VectraES2™ are considered ‘best in class’ for a reason!


The objective of cleaning is to remove dust, grime, solder flux etc. from PCB assemblies to ensure PCB functionality and avoid incompatibility with the rest of the inline process.


The objective of a mechanical fluid delivery system is to clean under difficult, low stand-off components by maximizing the physical energy delivered at the surface of the area to be cleaned.

Reflow Soldering

Electrovert and Vitronics Soltec reflow soldering machines, deliver high-performance thermal processing for applications ranging from reflow soldering SMT lead-free alloys and pin-in-paste, to semiconductor packaging applications and curing.