Murray Percival articles and white papers

ADS200 Soldering StationADS200 AccuDrive Soldering System

The PACE ADS200 is a high-powered, low-cost production soldering station.The ADS200 features the new TD-200 Tip-Heater Cartridge Soldering Iron, with its sleek and ergonomic aluminum handle designed to stay cool and comfortable during continuous production soldering. For more information check out the ADS200 HERE!

Pace Solder, Desolder & Rework catalogSolder, Desolder & Rework

Solutions and systems for soldering, rework and repair of electronics.

Pace SMT & Area Array Rework catalogSMT & Area Array Rework

Ideal for post-assembly rework, repair and low volume production operations.

Pace repair & rework products catalogProduct Overview

PACE provides universal solutions to thru-hole and surface mount assembly and rework problems for electronics.

Pace Fume Extraction catalogFume Extraction

PACE offers Fume Extraction Systems that feature the latest advancements in filter condition monitoring and process control, in a manner that is efficient and cost effective.

Pace Support Products & Consumables catalogSupport Products & Consumables

PACE manufactures, soldering and desoldering systems, hand pieces, tips and tip maintenance products.

Pace PH100 SMT & Area Array Rework catalogPH100 SMT & Area Array Rework

The PACE PH100 is a high powered (1600W), non-contact infrared heating system with an ergonomic, low-profile design which permits operators to safely pre-heat PCBs for fast, efficient soldering, rework or repair, even on the highest mass, heat-sinking, lead-free PCBs.