Murray Percival articles and white papers


Valor Manufacturing System Solutions

This module provides a single point of origin for easy-to-manage factory setup with specific line definitions, product structure, registration of materials with their attributes and release of production work orders to the master schedule.

Valor MSS Foundation

The MSS Foundation is the data management engine for the MSS platform. Foundational data, such as factory layout and equipment details, BOM information, work-order details, and process routing definitions are initiated and edited here. This core module also provides infrastructure for managing the storage of real time information collected from manufacturing operations on the shop floor.

Valor New Product Introduction Guide

Getting the most competitive product to volume production and to market on time is the responsibility of not only the manufacturer but also the PCB designer. Decisions made in component selection, placement, and routing of a printed circuit board directly affect the success of your new product introduction (NPI) process.