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Desco ESD Survey

Is your ESD control program in compliance? Find out the questions you need to ask in order to ensure you have a safe and compliant program.

Desco Product BrochureDesco Product Brochure

Desco offers ESD static control products, including: garments, gloves, wrist straps, heel grounders, table mats, floor mats, air ionizers and ESD signage. Desco is also a provider of component storage, dispensing bottles, tote boxes, bins, ESD bags, moisture barrier bags and ESD chemicals.

Desco Statshield® Smocks Grounding, Testing and MaintenanceDesco Statshield® Smocks
Grounding, Testing and Maintenance

Desco’ Statshield® smocks smocks are designed to be antistatic, low tribocharging, and create a Faraday Cage around the torso and arms of the wearer to protect ESD susceptible items from electrostatic fields generated by clothing. Statshield® Smocks meet the requirement for Groundable Static Control Garment System per ANSI/ESD S20.20 required limit of < 3.5 x 107 ohm Rtg tested per ANSI/ESD STM2.1 and ESD TR53.