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LBL vapor Phase Reflow catalog 2017IBL – Vapor Phase Reflow Soldering Systems

IBL Technologies Catalog 2017. Why choose IBL Vapor Phase Soldering Systems?

IBL Vapor Phase catalogIBL Vapor Phase

The advantages of the Vapor Phase heat transfer in combination with new machines and options offer an excellent tool for easy and defect free reflow soldering, independent whether lead free or leaded solders are used.

IBL Vapor Phase Reflow Soldering catalogVapor Phase Reflow Soldering

High quality vapor phase reflow soldering and the advanced soft soldering technology.

IBL MinilabIBL MiniLab

This table-top reflow vapor phase machine is great for BGA’s, stacked packages and uses oxygen free soldering. The MiniLab is characterized by its compact design and easy handling.


The SV260 vapor phase machine is characterized by it‘s 2-chamber design and the easy handling. The machine is perfect for small volume production and offers superior solder quality. The 2 chamber design allows for low consumption while using oxygen free soldering.