Murray Percival articles and white papers

REsys Value-Loop Series Data Sheet

REsys Value-loop is designed to recycle 100% of the effluent exiting a PCB cleaner operating with deionized water only. In theory, the only water lost is from drag-out into the drying section and evaporation losses up the ventilation stack.

REsys HXS – Heat Exchange / DI Water Heating System

The HXS functions as a transfer station, and point of use DI water booster heater. Everything is integrated into a neat, small footprint. Under normal operating conditions the energy consumption is 40% of a typical in-line DI water booster heater.

REsys Single Pass Deionized Water System (SPDI)

SPDI is a single pass DI Water System. It is a straightforward design that converts facilities water into DI water. Utilizing city water pressure the unit provides the necessary components to generate DI water. The SPDI is an entry level DI water system. The startup cost is low, and the level of maintenance is minimal. The fluid dynamic components are pre-installed in an aesthetically pleasing package.

REsys Stand Alone DI Water Booster Heater

In-line DI Water Heater takes facilities water and boosts the temperature to the process requirements. The capacity of the DI Water Heater is a function of the Kilowatt rating, flow rate, and incoming water temperature. Incoming water passes through the heating vessel, is heated by the elements and exits the vessel through a 1” output pipe to the process. The DI water passes through a series of controls to insure reliability, and safety.

REsys Water Management Alternatives for Aqueous Cleaning

Although no-clean process technology has advanced and gained widespread acceptance, the decline in aqueous cleaning seen in the mid-1990’s has, to some degree, reversed its trend. Find out more in this article