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Vision Engineering Full Product Line Brochure

Preview the full line of quality inspection and measurement systems by Vision Engineering.

Lynx EVO

Lynx Evo

 Lynx EVO is a high productivity stereo microscope without eyepieces, powering your productivity through stunning 3D imaging.

Swift Pro

Swift PRO Series

Swift PRO is a powerful yet easy to use vision measurement system, combining the latest video and
optical measurement technologies in a robust, versatile design.

Cam Beta

CamB Digital Inspection Magnifier

  • Optically optimized for close focusing
  • Illumination configured for close working
  • Image security and live HDMI and TV-out
  • Secure grip for left and right hand use

EVo Cam 2EVO CAM II Brochure

EVO Cam II digital microscope delivers excellent image quality to help uncover hidden details. Optical magnification up to 300x and full autofocus to ensures ultra-sharp images at all times.

MANTIS Family Brochure

Superior imaging for a wide range of inspection and re-working tasks. Mantis is an award-winning range of ergonomic 3D stereo microscopes which offer exceptional operator comfort and superb 3D imaging. With no awkward eyepieces and nothing to hunch over, operators can increase productivity through a stress-free viewing experience, seeing more and doing more than is possible with conventional microscopes.

Luxo CatalogLuxo Illuminated Magnifiers

The Luxo line of bench magnifiers includes the Wave, Circus, KFM and LFM models. The Luxo line was designed for industrial applications that offer large, high quality optics for comfortable and effective viewing.