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ECD Product Catalog 2019ECD Product Catalog

The only way to optimize time and temperature is to measure and analyze. That’s what ECD does best. Their 50+ years of innovative product development has yielded the most comprehensive portfolio of thermal profiling technology tools to ensure that electronic thermal processes are in control..

ECD Product Overview

ECD product selection includes, portable thermal profilers, portable wave soldering machine optimizers with SPC, portable reflow oven optimizers, automatic reflow oven setup and profile replication systems with built in profile planning tool, product quality monitoring systems and other inspection and testing products.


Guide to Meeting the Standards for Moisture Sensitive Components in Electronic Manufacturing Environments

Super M.O.L.E. Gold 2

The ECD Super MOLE Gold is a six-channel thermal profiler designed to capture temperature profiles for wave solder systems, selective solder systems, reflow ovens, rework systems and many other profiling needs. It is also used with several of the ECD carriers.

ECD SelectiveRIDER

ECD SelectiveRIDER Brochure

The SelectiveRIDER is a measurement pallet designed to capture parameters from the selective solder process and collect data for repeatability. It uses the SuperMOLE Gold 2 profiler as the data collection device, and a dedicated environment in MAP software for analysis and SPC. It capture fountain height, fountain X/Y accuracy, fountain diameter, solder temperature, maximum preheat, Delta T at contact, flux penetration and fluxer X/Y accuracy.

ECD V-Mole Brochure

The V-M.O.L.E. is a full-featured compact 3 channel thermal profiler with easy-to-use mini-thermocouple configuration. Ideal for VERIFICATION of PCB profile performance, 3 channels give you Hot, Cold and Sensitive component data for verifying the correct oven settings.

ECD Mega MOLE 20 Brochure

The ECD Mega MOLE is a 20-channel temperature profiler used when high thermal couple placement and number of sample sites is important. Utilized for hi-reliability, hi-value products.

ECD WaveRIDER Brochure

The   ECD   WaveRIDER NL2 greatly simplifies wave solder set up and ensures perfect repeatability.  Board recipe preheat temperatures, conveyor speed, wave height, contact times and parallelism are all measured and monitored using the WaveRIDER® NL 2 process pallet.

ECD OvenRIDER NL2+ Brochure

The patented OvenRIDER® NL  2+ travels through your oven with a M.O.L.E.® inside collecting data for analysis and SPC charting. A combination of thermal and process sensors measure oven performance, delivering consistent data that can be used to identify modest trends which may be developing, or serious conditions that have already arrived.

ECD OvenCHECKER Brochure

The ESC OvenChecker is a system designed to be run through the reflow oven to check and confirm the performance and health of the oven.

ECD OvenWATCH Brochure

The ECD OvenWatch system continuously monitors the function of the reflow oven insuring PCB’s are being processed correctly. It is also a system that can store system settings and performance to be used in the traceability process.

ECD MOLE MAP Software Brochure

The MOLE MAP Software is used with the MOLE temperature profiler systems

ECD Thermal Barrier Chart Mole Gold

ECD Thermal Barriers are used to protect the ECD thermal profilers when processing through wave solder and reflow oven systems.

ECD Thermal Barrier Chart Mole 20

ECD Thermal Barriers are used to protect the ECD thermal profilers when processing through wave solder and reflow oven systems.

ECD Temprobe Brochure

TEMPROBE is a patented, precision temperature sensing instrument for easy non-destructive profiling.  The subminiature thermocouple tip can be placed anywhere on a board, including profiling in wet solder paste or on fine pitch component legs. TEMPROBE™ is used in place of a conventional thermocouple to monitor the temperature of critical solder joints or components in soldering and rework processes. TEMPROBE™ is compatible with all thermal profilers.

ECD Fluxometer Brochure

Improve Process Quality – Eliminate guesswork when it comes to managing the consistency of flux application during wave soldering. The Fluxometer® rides the finger conveyor through the fluxing stage, conveniently and accurately rendering proof of a tuned spray fluxer. So easy to use, operators can perform diagnostic checks in minutes.

ECD Smart Dry Brochure

SmartDRY™ desiccant dry cabinet, for the storage of surface-mount technology (SMT) components with a Moisture Sensitive Level (MSL), intelligently maintains a low relative humidity (RH) as required by the  IPC standard J-STD-033.

ECD EZ Rider Brochure

E-Z Rider™ is designed to carry your profiler safely through wave solder machines. E-Z Rider’s titanium side rails are gripped by the finger conveyors, and support the profiler well above the solder wave.