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Identco Line Card

Identco Offering Overview

An overview of Identco’s line of high performance durable label products.

Identco Full Catalog

IDENTCO® has been providing innovative, industry-leading identification solutions for 35 years. We focus on solving the most demanding labeling and masking problems for customers in the electronics, automotive, aerospace, medical device, life sciences, and other challenging environments.

Identco Automated Solutions

Identco SMT Automation Brochure

Automate your SMT labeling and increase throughput & yield.

Application portfolio

Identco Application Portfolio

Your guide to the lowest total cost of ownership durable label solutions.

Thermal Transfer Products brochureThermal Transfer Products

Identco is a leading manufacturer of blank and preprinted labels. Their goal is to manufacture identification labels that outlast the products they are applied to. This catalog contains their thermal transfer products that include blank labels, thermal transfer ribbons, polyimide labels, name plate labels, bar code labels, wire marking labels and label printing systems and software.

ELPA 2000 and 4000

ELPA 2000 & 4000

ELPA 2000 & 4000 print and apply applicator

ILP-30 Presenter

ILP-30 Pick and Place Label Presenter

The ILP-30 is a space-saving solution for pre-printed label placement. With a width of just 30 mm — half that of conventional label feeders — the ILP-30 label presenter requires only one feeder position in a pick & place machine.

ILP-45 Presenter

ILP-45 Pick and Place Label Presenter

IDENTCO chose to offer this specific pick & place label presenter because of its ease of use, reliability, and outstanding engineering. The designers of this system are actually EMS providers who did not like the other presenters available on the market, so they designed their own.

SM Series Guide

SM Series Heat Shrink Wire Markers Guide

An overview of the Identco SM series markers.

Label and ribbion guide for cleaning chemistries

Label and Ribbon Guide for Cleaning Chemistries

An overview of Identco labels approved for Kyzen and Zestron cleaning chemistries.

Identco ELP-Flex Printer

Take a color LCD touch display, interchangeable printheads, stand-alone operation and add the ability to speak “ZEBRA” and you have the ELP-Flex printer.   It will work in many IT environments including Oracle, SAP, Unix, AS/400, Windows.  Able to withstand tough environments, this printer will handle most industrial label applications with ease.

Identco ELP I Printers

The ELP-I label printer fits a wide range of industrial applications.   From printing labels as small as 3mm X 3mm with a “center-aligned” version to printing and applying in one action.  Many peripherals enable customer-specific solutions.   It can be operated in stand-alone mode, in a PC application or within a network.  Interchangeable printheads allow you to start with 300dpi and move to 600dpi later if your needs change.  With maximum flexibility and value, the ELP-I printer can satisfy your label application.

Identco ELP-D Thermal Printer

Identco’s ELP-D 345 thermal transfer printer provides excellent print quality at a low cost, saving money without sacrificing performance. This printer prints 300 dpi at 5 inches per second, getting the job done fast. The ELP 345 printer is an excellent choice for printing all of our IMS Series formatted heat shrink, self lam labels, labels and cable marking tags.

NiceLabel by Identco

NiceLabel Printer Software

NiceLabel design software enables you to produce professional labels without IT help. NiceLabel is a leading global developer of label and marking productivity software solutions that help small and large enterprises reduce complexity and mitigate risk while meeting compliance requirements and increasing productivity, quality, and agility. NiceLabel’s design, print and enterprise management solutions are modular, easily configurable and scalable so they enable best practice labeling processes to be implemented quickly.

Identco Wire Marking Catalog

Identco Wire Marking Products for wire and cable identification and marking. Materials are for thermal printing and include shrink tube material and self-laminating vinyl. Available in standard and custom sizes.

Identco DCP Industrial Catalog

Identco Industrial Die-Cut Parts are a selection of die cut parts of standard and custom shapes and sizes. Materials are aluminum, polyester, vinyl, urethane cushion and double-sided adhesive for various industrial masking and assembly applications.

Identco DCP Electronics Catalog

Identco Electronics Die-Cut Parts (DCP) are a selection of application-specific high performance, stock masking products for electronic applications. Includes standard dot sizes and ability to custom cut shapes. Material is polyimide for high temperature masking applications such as solder masking.

Identco Labels Thermal Transfer Products catalog

Identco Industrial Labeling Portfolio

Identco Industrial Label Portfolio includes high performance label solutions for a wide range of industrial labeling solutions for most harsh environments. Labeling applications for power tool, utilities, outdoor equipment, electrical distribution, appliances, automotive and aviation applications to name a few.

Identco Application Ready Guide

Application Ready Selector Guide

Identco Application Guide will guide you through the label selection process to choose the proper label for your application. It will help you understand the types of label material and their applications, choose the right label for your application, the price performance curve, exact Identco label material to specify. It will also help you with agency approvals per material type and how labels are tested to insure their performance for various applications.