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ERSA Global offeringErsa Global Overview

View Ersa’s full line from rework and soldering to process monitoring and automation.

Ersa Corporate Brochure

Ersa has been developing and manufacturing products for soldering since 1779. Learn more about their history, company and full line of products including soldering irons, SMT rework, BGA inspection, selective solder, reflow, and wave soldering systems.

ERSA Rework and Inspection 2021Rework & Inspection

Now recognized as one of the market leaders in the rework field, Ersa is happy to present its most complete range of products in this catalog. From the smallest components up to the largest SMT connectors, from SMT Flip-Chips to THT Pin Grid Arrays, Ersa has the tools you need. Automated BGA and SMT part removal and placement systems, manual SMT part removal and the ERSASCOPE inspection system.

Ersa Selective Soldering Brochure

With six systems to choose from and machines that can be field retrofitted Ersa selective soldering systems have something to offer everyone. See the complete list of machines, their features, options and capabilities.

Ersa – SmartFlow 2020

The SmartFlow 2020 manages with an area barely more than what would be required for a modern hand soldering work station. It is perfect as an entry-level system or for smaller production but has most of the same features as the larger VersaFlow machines.


Requiring less than 3 m² of space the ECOSELECT 1 fits optimally into cell production environments. Nevertheless, the small semiautomatic ECOSELECT 1 uses the same successful and proven Ersa selective soldering technology as the large VERSAFLOW systems. This means: No compromises at all in quality and accuracy.

ersa ecoselect 4Ersa – ECOSELECT 4

The ECOSELECT 4 is Ersa’s newest selective soldering system. It is a compact system that is perfectly suited for small up to medium-sized batches where flexibility is essential. The ECOSELECT 4 features machine technology of the latest VERSAFLOW generation


The ECOCELL works according to the Toyota principle, and conveys the PCBs in the counterclockwise direction. This U-shaped arrangement makes the system ideal for use as part of a production island, but it can also be operated as a “side-line”.

Ersa – VERSAFLOW 3/45

In order to satisfy all demands in regards to flexibility, the third generation of Ersa´s VERSAFLOW selective soldering systems is based on a modular platform. Depending on the application and on the throughput requirements called for, additional flux, preheat and solder modules can be integrated into the system. In the maximum configuration level of the VERSAFLOW, the system can therefore operate with up to three solder modules, and each of these modules can again be configured with two mini-wave solder baths. In total, up to 6 mini-wave solder bath can be installed in a system, and each solder module can be preceded by a preheat unit.

Ersa – VERSAFLOW 3/66

In order to meet all requirements in terms of flexibility, the third generation VERSAFLOW has been created as a modular platform. The VERSAFLOW 3/66 belongs to this generation of machines and is especially designed for the selective soldering of PCBs in “XL” format. PCBs with dimensions of up to 610 mm x 610 mm pose no problem for this modern soldering system.

Ersa – VERSAFLOW 4/55

The worlds leading inline selective soldering system VERSAFLOW meets the highest demands in flexibility and throughput. With almost endless possibilities of configurations the system is ideal to meet any customer requirement.

The additional modules of the VERSAFLOW make it fit for future demands. The Ersa VERSAFLOW 4/55 ist the 4th generation of the leading inline selective soldering system and inspires with its new user interface and increased process flexibility


The VERSAFLOW 4 XL offers an interesting option for smaller assemblies up to a max. length of 330 mm. Thanks to an additional stopper in each module, two PCBs can be processed separately but simultaneously. This option doubles system throughput and does away with dual track conveyor systems. The complex machine movements are controlled using the intuitive operator software ERSASOFT 5. The modern and future-oriented CAD Assistant 4 is integrated in this software, which means complex programming of the solder parameters is a thing of the past.

Ersa – VERSAFLOW 3/35

The machine configuration of the VERSAFLOW 3/35 GLOBAL EDITION consists of flux, preheat and solder module with segmented conveyor system. It incorporates all options necessary to meet the customer’s requirements on tomorrow’s manufacturing processes. The additional purchase of options is thus not necessary. Apart from the technical features, the short delivery period of a mere four weeks is a major highlight.

Selective Soldering Accessory Catalog

Accessories for Ersa selective solder machine. Including nozzles, lubricants, cleaning products, tools and other supplies.

Kurtz Ersa Hybrid Rework System HR 200 catalogErsa – HR 200 Hybrid Rework System

Unpack, setup, solder! It´s simple as that to rework a PCB now-a-days. The Ersa hybrid rework system HR 200 contains a 400 W hybrid high-power heating element to desolder and solder SMT components up to 30 x 30 mm.

Kurtz Ersa hybrid Rework System HR 550 catalogErsa – HR 550 Hybrid Rework System

The Ersa hybrid rework system HR 550 addresses all users with highest requirements in terms of precision and process safety in electronic assembly rework applications.

Ersa –  HR 600/2 Rework System

The Ersa HR 600/2 is designed to rework SMT parts of virtually and shape and configuration. Special attention was placed on the automation of the individual process steps. All operations can be controlled in a step-by-step mode by the operator himself, or they can be combined to automated operation, requiring very few interventions by the operator.

Kurtz-Ersa Soldering & Desoldering CatalogSoldering & Desoldering Catalog

Ersa soldering irons, soldering and desoldering stations, solder fume extractions, hybrid rework equipment and accessories.

Ersa Verascan Inspection System

Recognize errors before they occur. The Ersa Versascan offers pre and post inspection of the circuit board in the selective soldering process. Confirm that the parts are installed correctly in the boards before soldering. Inspect the bottom side solder joints to insure quality after soldering.

Kurtz Ersa Soldering Primer catalogSoldering Primer

The Ersa Soldering Primer brochure offers a short historical view of soldering, several techniques of soldering, materials used and some equipment options….soldering made easy!

Ersa Service Offering

In keeping with our corporate philosophy, we offer attractive services and packages to optimize the manufacturing processes for our customers. With 7 applications centers worldwide and a service staff of over 80 people Ersa can provide application assistance, demonstrations, training and 24/7 service assistance.